What Is An Eating Disorder and Types of Eating Disorders?

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Many people will not be aware of what is an eating disorder and what is just a bit of a fad when it comes to food. When it is a fad it will be the case that a child or person does not want to eat a balanced diet and it will be something that just lasts a short period of time and then normal eating is resumed. When it is an eating disorder it is much more serious and if someone you know is showing signs of one of the known disorders, it will be best to try and help them even if it is not a thing they want you to do.
There are three main types of eating disorders and that is anorexia which means that the sufferer will want to be as thin as possible and even when they are on the verge of starving to death will still refuse to eat and insist that they want to be even thinner. A second type is bulimia, where there is a lot of food eaten and then it is brought back up by self induced vomiting and this can lead to a variety of health issues and these can last a lifetime. Finally there is binge eating which will just lead to weight gain, but could go on to become one of the more serious conditions and again affect the standard of life enjoyed.

Food Addiction

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Some people will not accept that there is such a thing as food addiction, but when you consider that there is something in alcohol and cigarettes that gets people hooked, why should there not be something in certain types of food that leads to an addiction to food. In some ways an addiction to food is harder to deal with than other types of addiction as we all have to have food to live and don't have to have alcohol or tobacco. There are a number of threats to health as it can lead to obesity or malnutrition depending on which way the eating disorder manifests itself.

Eating Disorder Quiz and Eating Disorder Test

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Although a doctor or dietician can tell a great deal from speaking to a patient they will also be aware that a lot of the answers may be being tailored to suit the situation. It can be easy to give answers that will make the problem seem to be a lot less severe than they actually are. By taking an eating disorder quiz, there is a better chance of getting a clear picture of the problem and therefore giving the professionals a better chance of curing their patient.
Sometimes an eating disorder test will do the same and the patient will tick the boxes that they think will put them is the clear. There are some that will be obvious questions such as “do you eat too much?” and “are you disgusted with yourself after eating too much?” Others will be more detailed and will need much more concentration to fill in, and will require personal details about your weight and height to be entered.

How to not eat - How To Stop Overeating

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If you want to know how to stop overeating there are a number of tips that you may find helpful. First of all do not eat meals quickly as you will not give your brain the chance to register that the body is full and does not need any more fuel. By chewing thoroughly, having little sips of water between mouthfuls and putting the fork down for a period of time, it will soon feel like you are full and there is food left on the plate. Eating a meal should have your full attention as you will take in details of what you are eating. It also gives you the chance to eat more slowly and drink water.
Hurried calories can be missed and even after a decent amount of food has been eaten, the brain is not convinced that the stomach does not need more food. If the first mouthful of food tastes nice, there is more of a chance that the meal will be enjoyed at the beginning and not all will be needed. If the brain can be conned by eating slowly, the eyes can con it as well. By using a smaller plate, you will convince the brain that you have eaten a lot of food as your plate is empty and of the smaller portions that are eaten are vegetable or protein than that will be another step in the right direction. There will be a full feeling and not a lot of calories taken onboard.

How To Not Eat Too Much

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When suffering from eating disorders there are certain things that should not be eaten and if the plan that is put in place for the recovery from the disorder can be followed, you will soon learn what is best for you and how to not eat too much. For some a lot of small meals will be best, but with this it is possible to forget exactly what was eaten in each meal and before long there have been a lot more calories taken in than was intended. In other cases, it will be preferable to sit down at set times during the day and be fully aware of what it being eaten.

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In order to fully understand the type of eating disorders that are risking the lives of tens of thousands of people, it is important to know about their lives and what has lead them to the position they are in. It can be the death of someone close and an inability to deal with the feelings, or even a feeling of contentment and not feeling the need to worry about weight that leads to a disorder when it comes to food.
Whatever disorder there is, help should be sought and if this is done in time, there is no reason why there should not be a full recovery. When remembering that many people die due to leaving it too late to ask for help, don't let embarrassment or the request of loyalty and secrecy from a friend to lead to a sad ending.